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About Us
Nott Showpigs is a family owned and operated business. We operate a 40 sow showpig production. We have been breeding showpigs for 5 years and still thriving to make the most complete showpigs for our customers. We use boars from all over to give a great variety and to improve our results and see what breeding makes the most complete offspring. We believe in making winners at an affordable price. Whether it is a 4-H project, a breeding gilt, or a new herd boar let us know and we will help any way we can. 
We would like to thank our past and present customers who have purchased showpigs from us. It is your support and dedication that keeps us making better pigs each year. As our customers, we are always willing to help you; whether it is feeding, conditioning, or just want us to stop and do a check up on progress feel free to call or e-mail. 


Nott Showpigs
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